LAX Selfie Station


In the spring of 2019, I was given the opportunity to design a selfie wall that would be part of LAX’s 100% LA campaign. Among several students’ work, I was chosen with 6 others to have our work installed in the terminals on-boarding area of LAX. My 6’x9′ selfie wall was stationed in terminal 2 & 7.


The concept of my selfie wall is to show Los Angeles in a surreal picture, while keeping some of these signature locations recognizable. I wanted LA to be displayed as if someone painted the city itself with a big watercolor brush and some ink. This watercolor is to signify the vast cultural diversity there is here–in a city with such a dense population. Every culture, every district, and every person, is rich with color in their own way. This artwork will show people from Los Angeles a lasting picture of home before going on a trip and people departing from LAX to see this surreal picturesque version of LA and feel a special moment before embarking on further travels.


My process included creating original painted watercolor textures that I then scanned and brought into Adobe Photoshop to change the hue and saturation, and then to Adobe Illustrator to alter further. The street post is from the iconic “sister cities” sign in Downtown, but I changed the text to show the various cultural districts that are all represented in Los Angeles. Finally, adding an even more personal touch by writing my own lettering into the street signs.


Sketches from six different concepts I had–which then three of my first sketches turned into one final concept.


And of course I had to take a selfie when I visited the installed piece!