The Endless Summer

This summer, like the majority of people, I unexpectedly spent my time doing things a little differently. Due to the COVID-19 hit that Los Angeles has taken, there wasn’t much to resort to but being home. Occasionally I would venture out on drives or walks just to keep my sanity, but for the most part I stayed safely at home.

This summer also was the first period of time I had the chance to do lots of freelance work. I worked on logos for 2 clients, a website redesign for one other, an entire rebranding system for one, and some activism work for another. I can’t show everything at the moment, but– it’s been fun!

I additionally spent some time working on research for my degree project, which included checking out if there were any apps similar to the one I am planning to design. In the midst of that search, I found Topp’s Disney Collect & Topp’s Star Wars Card Trader apps. These apps are highly addictive, especially coming from someone who has an intense collecting behavior (if you don’t believe me, you can check out my pin trading instagram page). I probably have checked these apps at least 10 times a day, every day… since April, when I discovered them. >.<

Anywho, here’s some stylized cards I designed based off a series I collected on SWCT. I plan to make more of them and maybe even print them for fun! These are all my fav characters/creatures.

And here’s two cards I designed based off of my two favorite Pixar characters. Again, I’d love to make more of a completed series that I could then print on some paperboard.

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