Two Chins Coffee

Two Chins Coffee Co is an awesome independent coffee roasting company in Santa Maria that releases fun and exciting coffee blends that also keep ethics & sustainability in mind. I had the opportunity to design two labels for the Valentine’s Day Blend. For the art direction, they wanted me to focus on highlighting strawberries and/or peonies for the Vday blend, and something reminiscent of Bob Marley for the No Woman blend. Here’s what I came up with!

Valentine’s Day Blend

12 oz Valentine’s Day blend 

“Our V-Day blend is a carefully-chosen mixture of phenomenal beans from Sidama, Ethiopia and Acetenango, Guatemala. This blend features incredible notes of jasmine, lilac, strawberry starburst, and dried blueberries.”

No Woman No Cry Blend

12 oz S.A.D. Blend – (No Woman No Cry)

“Our Single Awareness (or appreciation) Day blend is specially curated for those who want to enjoy our V-Day blend, but don’t want a painful reminder of being single… or maybe it’s a pleasant reminder – who knows?! Either way, we made this incredible blend just for you with wet-processed beans from Guji, Ethiopia and dry-processed beans from Panama.  This blend features very fruity and floral notes; specifically strawbery starburst, dried blueberry and hints of apricot, peach, and lemon.”


Some contenders that didn’t make it… but I love to give options!