Blackwing x Field Notes

Blackwing and Field Notes are my absolute favorite and, if I can be biased for a second, the best utensils to take notes, draw, doodle, have in the car, all over the house, etc. I adore both of these brands. So it’s a no brainer that they really go perfect together.

Hence… Blackwing x Field Notes. A campaign I put together to show just how symbiotic these two brands are.

Teaser Motion Ad

Mockups & Ads

I wanted the ads to emulate how a person’s notebook would hypothetically look, so I made my own notebook style background using my own lettering and little doodles. I used a pencil brush in Photoshop to achieve the sketchy look. The Blackwing pencils would have a spot ink/embossed dot graph pattern similar to the famous dot graph paper in Field Notes.

Stop Motion Ad



Style Guide


Everything I came up with was conceived by my own relationship with Blackwing & Field Notes. I think they’re both pretty cool!