Fringe Festival

August Couldn’t Be Cooler

The Fringe is a month-long arts festival held in Edinburgh every year. The festival is very affordable, with either free or low-cost tickets. Shows occur not only in theaters of Edinburgh, but also the streets, making this a very unique festival. Dozens of shows could be happening at any time of the day, even in the late hours of the night. Performers range from musicians to theater performers, to comedians, to street artists, and anyone can perform if they want to.

Be a Party Animal

Since this festival is so inclusive, I designed the campaign to include various types of people in movement, to show performance, as well as with a minimal-collage style animal heads, showing how anyone at The Fringe is essentially a “party animal.”

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The logo was designed after some key elements of Edinburgh: the unicorn which is the national animal, a rain puddle as it is often rainy, and hand lettering to signify the all-inclusive, DIY feel that The Fringe has come to be loved for.

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