Penny Puzzles


Penny Puzzles is a 3D puzzle product line I designed based off the idea of tin penny toys, which were popular around the turn of the century for being inexpensive toys for kids.

This series is of Griffith Park attractions. Ideally there would be different penny puzzle products for other parks and regions in the USA as well.

Package Design

Instruction Booklet


The back of the instruction booklet has an added feature. As the booklet is pulled out of the pouch, the analog lenticular (kinegram) would show a few frames of an animated merry-go-round horse.


5 different layout sketches highlighting different hierarchy of information and each with a different type treatment.

Dieline Sketch

The package would be a sliding drawer box made from folded kraft paperboard. The inside package would show a seamless printed illustration of the Griffith Park map. The outside package would have minimal colors (orange, blue, white, and possibly black).


I designed these illustrations of each puzzle and then used the linocut printmaking technique for an added vintage feel. Each image was printed and then scanned in for the final package design.

Prototype Package

A quick scaled down version of the package with printer paper.

Logo Development