Spotify Playlist Vinyl

Vinyl designs based off some of my most favorite spotify playlists.

If you’ve ever been on spotify and had the opportunity to create or listen to playlists, you’ll know that the default cover for said playlist is a set of small album images that show essentially what is in the playlist. This is a great default solution for someone who can recognize easily what the playlist is. However, I have hundreds of playlists on my spotify and I started becoming confused as to what was in each one. It became problematic for me to scroll through and try to find the right one I was looking for. So I decided it was time to design covers for my favorite playlists; just one cover image that could be recognized and thus symbolic of what’s inside.


Woman: a Feminist Playlist

All songs by female artists. Cover based off the song “Woman” by Kesha, whose chorus lyrics chant: “Don’t buy me a drink, I make my money, don’t touch my weave, don’t call me ‘honey’.”

I was inspired by this repeated chant to design a typographical texture based off of it, which is debossed.


Helden: a David Bowie Playlist

A collage of multiple images of David Bowie representing all of the years of art and talent in his repertoire.

The title, “Helden,” is from his German version of the song “Heroes” which I felt was fitting because of how influential David Bowie was and is to artists today.

Alternative Cover

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Hazey Gazey: a Shoegaze Playlist

Shoegaze has been around for a cool while, and subsequently so has my love for it.

I was driven to design the album with multiple, overlaying images and textures, and a color palette that is reminiscent of shoegaze itself, with blues and purple. The image I used is a beach scene I photographed years ago which was grainy and destroyed. The lettering is significant of the hands-on effect that reflects the sound of shoegaze itself.