Trading Cards

Due to both COVID-19 lockdown as well as the heavy research I was doing for my app design collex, I stumbled upon Topps’ mobile apps, both Disney Collect and Star Wars Card Trader and became inspired to make my own.

Star Wars Comic Inspired Cards

I designed some of my favorite characters and creatures from Star Wars as comic book style trading cards. I used my own hand lettering and graphic elements for these cards. Images owned by George Lucas.

Captain Carson Teva Card

With the new character Carson Teva played by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, I had to design a new card because he is one of my favorite actors! It was such an exciting surprise to see him on two episodes of The Mandalorian.

Ahsoka “Best Looks” Card Series

Ahsoka’s character development throughout the last 13+ years has given fans many different favorite looks. Personally, my favorite rendition of Ahsoka is when she returns in Clone Wars Season 7. The type on the cards is in Aurebesh (Galactic Basic) reading: “Best Looks, Ahsoka Tano”. There is a subtle scanning holographic effect on each card.

Anakin “Best Looks” Card Series

Similar to the Ahsoka series, the Anakin series features the many different time periods in Anakin’s history; from Phantom Menace, Clone Wars, Revenge of the Sith, Rebels, and the original Trilogy.

Hamilton Typographic Cards

Using Brandon Grotesque, I designed the cards to mask over the characters of Hamilton as a texture, along with halftone. Photography used for fair use.

Disney Cards

Boo & Sulley Illustrative Cards

Original illustration & lettering, using mainly colors from the characters Sulley, Mike & Boo as well as the theme of the doorway for the background.

Emperor’s New Groove Cards

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Emperor’s New Groove, I made a card of my favorite forms of Yzma & Kuzco with my own lettering, illustration and layout.

Mars Attacks Motion Graphic Card

Original illustration card with motion elements made to look like a comic book character come to life.

Frankenstein Motion Graphic Card

A Frankenstein original illustration I designed adding motion elements to give it a comic/pop art style.

Preserve Los Angeles Cards

Preserve LA Trading Cards

Using my own photography of various storefronts in Los Angeles, I designed these cards to educate and showcase independent small businesses that have been around for many decades and truly make up the framework of Los Angeles.

The back of each card explains a synopsis of the business history and its importance to Los Angeles.

Most of these unique restaurants, stores, or bars have been in business for 50 or more years, with many having gorgeous neon signage.

If you want to learn more about historic conservation,
check out these sites: