Vibrant Living Wellness Center

Vibrant Living Wellness Center is a functional nutrition and holistic health center owned by Heidi Hoffman, MPH RD. At Vibrant Living Wellness Center (or VLWC for short), Heidi and her team of healthcare practitioners specialize in Functional & Clinical Nutrition, Reiki, Neuro Emotional Technique, and Acupuncture.

When approached about a rebrand, the pain points were that the existing brand was too sharp, the colors were too saturated and off-putting, and the overall brand didn’t have a sense of the femininity and holistic approach that Heidi wanted to convey in in her practice.

With that information, I worked on developing a mark and color palette that was significant to VLWC’s unique practice.

Practitioners at VLWC use many different herbs and supplements supplied by Standard Process to help their patients. Many of the repeating ingredients in these herbs are Buckwheat. This is what led me to design a mark with buckwheat’s flower.

The color palette was drawn from sea blue, grass green, and golden yellow which are all energetically significant in Reiki.

Other herbs used are Sunflower, Echinaces, St Jon’s Wort, Chamomile, and Flax. I designed supporting flowers to be used throughout the brand, whether on collateral, promotional material, flyers and pamphlets, etc.

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Logo Development

It was important to include food in the logo mark, because VLWC is primarily a nutritionist practice. My three design directions were:

  1. to create a logo using actual food, specifically the pattern that celery and lettuce makes when cut at the bottom
  2. a mark that just included a subtle element of food like the dot of the i as a buckwheat seed
  3. a graphic representation of flowers from specific herbs used in practice

Design Direction #1: Celery Heart Print

Design Direction #2: Subtle Elements

Final Direction: Flowering herb Buckwheat

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